Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How do I contact you?
A. Please contact us via the following vias:
* Contact Us Form
* Product comments in each product page
* Facebook Private message clicking on "Let's chat" in the lower right corner
* Whatsapp & live chat (coming soon)

Q. In which language I can contact you?
A. English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese language staff will be answering your questions.

Q. Do I need to create an account to make a purchase at Kaneda Fujiya?
A. No, even having an account is FREE and has benefits and comforts for our clients; but if you prefer, you can choose to make purchases without registering an account on our portal.

Q. Which payment gateways are allowed at Kaneda Fujiya?
A. For new customers, we only accept payments with all creddit and debit cards, via Paypal. For regular purchasing customers (minimally once per month), we can accept credit card payments with discount, from the third valid order.

Q. There is an error when I'm trying to pay with PAYPAL, what should I do?
In case of an error with your Paypal payment (which sometimes happens), you can try again or send us a screenshot directly , so we can send you a payment request by email. For sending the screenshot and any enquiries, you have 3vias: 1. click on "Let's chat" in the lower right corner, and use your facebook account to contact us, 2. Complete the contact Form, 3. Send us an email to


Q. I want an item that I don't see on your website. Can you get it for me?
A. Yes! We have too many items in our stores and warehouses that are still not published on our portal. So you can provide us more
information, images and details of the item you are interested, and we will reply your petition as soon as we can.

Q. All items are authentic and originals?
A. Yes! Our more than 17 years of trajectory supports us. You can purchase with confidence, and you can also check our items quality
through the pictures online.

Q. All items listed are new?
A. If there is no special aclaration, all our products are brand new and never used, but the original boxes or packings may have been opened for check the content, character or other details.

The pre-owned or second hand items, are clearly marked in each product page below the title as used.

Q. Can I get a photo of the actual item?
A. Images in each product page shows the real conditions of our items. If there is any question about them, please contact us before purchase. You can also leave us a message in the product page of your interest.

Any major damages or missing parts will be clearly noted on the product page description.

We cannot guarantee the boxes or original packagings are always in perfect conditions, so if you care about this, please contact us for
check before purchase!


Q. Can I send payment to you in my local currency?
A. Unfortunately we only accept payments in USD. You can use the convertibility function to see the estimated price in your local currency.
However, the final amount will always depend on the convertibility offered by Paypal, and the bank that issued your card, at the moment of
payment. (Please notice that the currency option function at our portal is only an estimated amount for demonstration purposes)

Q. I'd like to add an item to my order. Can you add it for me?
A. If you would like to add items, please place a new order for the additional items/quantities you would like. If you are a large order buyer and have bought a large size box pending to ship, there is chance to combine all your orders in the same parcel box (*) . Please contact us to check the possibilities!

(*) Please be advised that processing in progress (from dispatch section), shipped and past due orders cannot be modified or combined in shipments.

Q. Can you cancel or change my order?
A. Unfortunately we do not accept cancellations or modifications regardless of item stock status (in-stock, back-order, pre-order, etc.).
Please only place orders if you are sure to purchase.

Q. There's an item I want but it's sold out... / Out of stock items.
A. Please contact us to check if we'll get more stock of it, so you can place an order for it. Please advised that this process can take
from 5 days to 2 weeks, and the availability is not guaranteed, so there may be possibility of cancellation.

Please note that combining shipping between these items with in-stock items will delay your in-stock order's shipment. So please place both in different orders if you care about the shipping time.

Otherwise, you can add the Sold Out item to your Watch List or Favorites List and monitor their status from there. Our website will be
updated and the item will be available for purchase when we add new stock.

Q. Can I receive a discount if I order x amount?
A. We always do our best to offer the lowest possible prices for our items. If you are trying to buy in bulk (many quantities for one same
item), maybe we can get an discount coupon for your next purchase. But please understand that we can't guarantee this possibilities in all

Q. In which cases my order can be cancelled?
A. There are some possible reasons for your order being canceled:
1. We haven't received the clear payment on time.
2. We haven't received your reply in the period advised at the mail, we may decide to cancel the order.
3. There is an unsettled case with your previous order.
4. We have problem with the stock or the conditions of the item. If this occurs, we are really apologize and appreciate your patience and
5. Your order has exceed store purchase limits.
6. You ordered some item prohibited for international shippings.
(for example: flammable items or items with batteries including)
7. We are unable to accept orders from you. (account closed or access denied clients)

The fluid communication speeds up the processing of your order.


Q. I can't log into my account!
A. Please use the Password Reminder page if you have forgotten your password, or contact us if you are unable to log into your account.
Please do not create a new account unless instructed to do so by our staff. Duplicate accounts will be closed without notification.

Q. Is there any fee for creating an account?
A. Absolutely no, welcome to create your own account and enjoy the facilities offered.

Q. What's the difference with having or not an account at Kaneda Fujiya?
A. Some of the benefits are:
* You can organize your own wishlist and favorite list, and monitor the condition of the products of your interest.
* You can fill out the ORDER FORM with your ID and Password only.
* You do not have to enter your name, address, phone number, and all details every time.
* You can view order history and monitor all advances.
* For registered users over 18 years, you will have access to our 18+ products.
* Priority access to coupons, discount and promotions. (Soon!)

Updated April, 2017.